Sunday, 5 October 2008

1 day cleaner

As suspected sick last night, i simply drink a lot water, a nice sleep and plan take a day off today, but i still wake up early morning and hang around in backpackers, i saw a notice looking for cleaner, i proceed to lobby and offer a 1 day servise, off course the return was exchange for a day accomodation here. That lady who was the only person on duty agreed, and my task was vacuuming room, cleaning kitchen, bathroom, toilet and living hall... which took around 3 hours. Not too bad, this backpacker well maintained in cleanliess, cleaning job at these place wasn't too difficult... i appreciate the chances given.... Tramping is in my blood, after taking lunch and some survey on my south island transportion plan, i simply decide to go for another nature tramping at Mt Picton nearby, up to the bird view point... to enjoy the famous Queens Charlotte Sound from another view.
Bird view on the whole Picton town and habour, really a water front town...
Today is relaxing day, as well a physically preparation for another long journey to my next help exchange program at Port Ligar.

[This is part of the New Zealand Working Holiday] or [Where in the Route of New Zealand Map]

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