Saturday, 20 December 2008

Port Ligar

i took 3 hours mail boat to reach Port Ligar, is another scenic view along Pelorus sound. Lot of seal and mussel farm, Port Ligar located at outer sound which is far away from Havelock.
Mail boat is really a boat which send mail, one bay to another bay, port to port...Arrive at Port Ligar, welcome by Nathan and Miyoko, Miyoko was another helper who joint the exchange as well,they bring me to Raewyn, Mahalia, and Azzan, after lunch, i join Mahalia and Azzan to seaside, they are so energitic...sea water here is so clear and clean, even Dolphin came here before, i wish to jump into sea, but...people seldom jump into sea during Autumn...After that is my 1st job of stay, follow Tim up hill for spraying... on bush at road side...

[This is part of the New Zealand Working Holiday] or [Where in the Route of New Zealand Map]

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