Saturday, 27 September 2008

Cafe, Lodge, Living Hall

A cup of tea, coffee, or chocolate drink, music from radio, comfortable sit or sofa is really enjoyable, relax & easy.
Am i too young for these lifestyle?
Whenever i come to a backpacker house, i like to be in cafe, lodge or lobby rather than stay in the dorm, netiher laying nor reading. At these place, beside having my meal, i just sit here, writing something or on the sofa, reading newspaper, magazine or planning for my next day. Most traveller brought their own book to read, but i never plan to have one, a story book for me is too heavy, mentally or physically, let me finish that 2 mandarin book 1st! But what interesting is when i meet and chat with travellers from different place, maybe i couldnt remember their name, or dont ask their name, but experience shared is most valuable...
i'm dust, flying everywhere, stick everywhere...

[This is part of the New Zealand Working Holiday] or [Where in the Route of New Zealand Map]

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