Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Halensville and Macadamia

Helpxchange bring me here... some where north from Auckland...
Cheryl and Hen is host for the farm stay at macadamia orchard, i'm working here for 4 days, in exchange of accommodation and food, and my job is pruning, is not easy job as the leaf of macadamia tree is sharp.. ,  i'm not really know what is macadamia nut before i come here, but now, macadamia nut always remind me on Halensville... is really a nice experience to be with my first host at New Zealand, and interaction really bring me close to their life...

[This is part of the New Zealand Working Holiday] or [Where in the Route of New Zealand Map]

1 comment:

Esther said...

hoi fatty,

thanks for keeping the blog.it refreshes a lot of my memories.
frankly,till now,NZ is still top in my list..
jiayou,the sky the limit :)