Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Sunny outing to Audi Dream Farm, Balik Pulau

Balik Pulau is an ideal location with leisure outing for people who stay in Penang island, it still not polluted by smell of commercial.. you don't have to plan with long holiday trip to visit, you can just come here anytime. 
I like to visit farm, and i like name of dream farm. Some signature of this farm is having some animals that kids like, and some plant that kids ate before.

Welcoming deer, Audi Dream Farm located at Jalan Rusa, so no surprise to see rusa here...  

 Some engagement with birds, i notice owner here love bird, there another big cage with many birds that i don't think is commercial  

Goat feeding, with milk, i wonder those are goat milk, or cow milk... Those milk bottle was not designed for goat, i think was recycle from some environmental friend mummy

Peking duck, goose, chicken

What is that green long melon? is a nice location to introduce kids on plant of certain food that they always see on dinning table

I walk up to goat house, and welcome by this senior citizen, so calm and so cool. Is ok, i am just a tourist.

Green pond for fish feeding

If your timing is good on  sunflower blossom, you can have sunflower bath

Feeding little pony 

Searching rabbits, perhaps rabbits don't like hot sun

Finally, a big swing that can accommodate a family, for a break after a sun bath and speaking a lot to explain what happened or having around here

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