Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California

Santa Rosa is a city in California, an hour drive from San Francisco. It located at Sonoma County which is well known to have a lot wine yard and produce good quality wine.

I'm here because of company asignment, is not my another trip of backpacking, but is another chances for experiencing summer of California.

I stay at Extended Stay Santa Rosa for 3 month, and what is the topic of my life??

Is about NBA playoff live, online purchase, cooking, oat meal, jacket, american humor, right lane, lotion, potato, beef, burger, wireless, outlet, GPS, early morning and late night msn chatting, market, travel, picnic, pot luck, and party...

Feel like come back to life at NZ, maybe both this are 4 season country, hill, inland, cattle, sheep, fencing, wine yard (but this time is green color)… what different is summer now, compare to Autumn i have before…
Come on, go for the summer of California!!

[This is part of California Experience]

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