Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Chase after duck in Trong duck farm

I planned for a kid outing trip to Taiping, and i started with a visit to Trong duck farm. 

Arriving at the duck farm, walk thru the restaurant, and you can see a leisure lake view, with that big and small yellow duck. 

Duck kayaking, definitely fun riding for kids, job of parent is to ensure right direction. We feed the fishes with some food we bought for duck, off course, duck came along too, so first come first serve. 

After playing with yellow plastic duck, we moved deep into the duck farm. Thousand of white dot at lake side came into my eyes, those are peking duck, not typical that we bought from pasar pagi.
There are 60 thousand duck in this duck farm, 

Feeding little duck, they need more food...

Don't chase after duck, but why not? those duck really attracting people to chase after... I know is not friendly, so i didn't encourage to chase, nor stop....

 Closer view to multi purpose tractor, he wanted first class view 

Last but not least, no photo, we had our lunch at restaurant of this farm, food were nice with fair price. I told that cashier that i overpaid for kid ticket and they refund from my food bill. I felt the extraordinary humanity of its people and farm

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